Raised Flowerbed


    Raised Flower Bed Care and Maintenance

    We provide you with a beautiful raised flower bed to grow a garden on your property that will last for years to come!

    At Newday Landscaping Ja, our mission is to make gardening easy!

    The plants soften the landscape. Everything from turf and trees to flowers and bulbs all help to improve the structure of your garden. The raised garden flower bed services we offer, help you realize your dream for your garden. Whether it’s creating raised flower beds, planting hedgerows and shrubs, or a potted patio garden, we have it all covered.
    Our professionals offer customized solutions to our clients, specifically looking at an extensive range of colors and varieties to accommodate their garden and style. They work with you on existing garden design with your designer on a new one, or work with your flower bed ideas.

    Flower Bed Maintenance in College Park, Maryland

    • Soil testing
    • Weeding
    • Dead-heading
    • Fertilizing
    • Mulching
    • Pest control: horticultural oil spraying, etc.
    • Plant supports: peony cages, clematis trellis, etc.
    • Cultivating
    • Pruning
    • Soil amendment
    • Planting
    • Thinning out and removals
    • Design and installation of functional edible gardens
    • Design and installation of raised garden beds