Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

    Building a Retaining Wall

    Well, building a retaining wall can help manage ground slopes, water drainage and runoff, and control of erosion issues. These walls, often made from natural stone, provide a distinct border to your landscape where they are needed the most. Whether you opt for a retaining wall installation for its aesthetic value or its functionality, it is always essential to have them installed by a professional service.
    You may find a visual excitement missing in a perfectly level lawn. While, this can be addressed by attractive flower beds, pruned trees, and accent-lighting.

    Reasons why you need Retaining Walls in your Landscape

    A lawn that has variations in slope and elevation might benefit from building a retaining wall on a slope. It is particularly helpful if your hard or new landscaping concept has significant elevation changes.
    In these particular situations, a retaining wall is the only option to prevent inevitable shifts in soil or erosion problems. According to the retaining wall contractors, this type of retaining wall requires to be professionally designed and constructed to effectively counter the oblique pressure of the soil through changes caused by rain and seasonal weather.
    A retaining wall may also benefit or are even essentially required if there are Irregularities in your turf and soil. The new construction homes may have such irregularities where the garden is actually starting with a blank slate. Creating retaining walls to hold back soil can provide a customized appearance to the irregular landscape pattern.

    Designing a Retaining Wall in College Park, and Surrounding Areas

    The designers and specialists at Newday Landscape Ja can recommend building a retaining wall for steps used to connect your front door to the public footpath below. For additional safety, you can add railings and other features along with the stepped retaining wall and/or concrete block retaining wall. It will help you hold your yard in its ideal shape while helping with a functional purpose.

    Variety of Materials Used for Building a Retaining Wall

    • Natural stone
    • Manufactured stone
    • Concrete blocks
    • Railroad ties
    • Landscaping ties


    All of these come with their own color choices and designs to provide you the perfect match for your lawn. We offer consultation on the best placement of your retaining walls to enhance both the beauty and functionality of your landscape.